German Longhaired Pointer Temperament and Lifespan

German Longhaired Pointer is a real hunter with a lively temperament and self-control. Puppies of this breed are prone to long games, grown up pets need to be engaged in hunting or at least its imitation. German Longhaired is friendly, even strongly tied to the owner and all family members, including the other pets at home. The attitude to children is like a caregiver, a dog can spend hours messing around with a toddler or child to accompany during the long walks. As for the strangers, it has a distrustful attitude, if necessary, the dog uses defensive tactics. The breed is characterized by restrained temperament and nobility, it needs quite much time to be provoked for attack, look please Boston Terrier For Sale.

How Much Does a German Longhaired Pointer Cost and Price Range

The standard average price for the German Longhaired Pointer varies from $600 to $800. The show quality puppies will cost you more. The price depends on the breeder and the place where you buy your pet. It is an average priced breed.

German Longhaired Pointer Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The dogs of this breed are muscular, elegant and sporty. They should not be cumbersome, large and heavy, because their main task is working - the ability to develop tremendous speed and move with ease. Dog is endowed with moderate bone basis, but should not look fragile and sick. Like all German pointers they have webbing between toes.

Coat is of medium length, reaching 3 to 5 cm (1.2 - 2 inches) long on the body, in some places even longer. The outer layer is a little wavy, but should not be curly. Coat is silky and soft rather than stiff and hard. Dog is wearing two layers of wool all year round, with a rather thick undercoat, but not so much to separate the outer layer of wool from the body. Their colors are: dark chocolate, white chocolate, roan, brown-roan. They weigh about 30 kg.

German Longhaired Pointer Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Besides the obvious hunting advantages, the German Longhaired Pointer has also the "golden" character. It can be a wonderful companion and the great family dog. By the way, despite the proactive stance, while at home, German Longhaired Pointer behaves very quiet. What is no less important, these dogs are not aggressive to a man at all, besides, they get along with children well.

German Longhaired Pointers are very agreeable, unobtrusive and delicate, have equilibrated temperament and are perfectly trained. Of course, they are very active and therefore require long walks and strenuous exercise.